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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The waltz to dance with Dad

Incredibly, in many parts of the country are still preserved traditions and customs regarding fifteenth birthday party. Like the fact that the girls should not dance at a public event before the age of 15, although they may do so in family and school holidays, provided they do not embrace the dance partner ... can you imagine?

 All customs are respected, but there is one in particular that it is still possible to see in most of the holidays: waltz with Dad.

The quinceaƱera dance their first waltz with Dad or, failing this, with a relative or close family friend. Music can be live or in Cd Sometimes after dancing with Dad, is given a piece to the godparents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives.

There is also the traditional waltz that dances with her chamberlain of honor and ladies with their chamberlains, but it just depends on individual taste celebrated.

Despite the years, this tradition is preserved, but we can see that has undergone certain modifications. For example, sometimes a waltz choose not classical music but a dance with pop music or another style that pleases both the father and the daughter. Dancing with the Chamberlains do but now with adaptations of songs of the moment and with a special choreography.

But either way, traditional or modern, dance with your dad and chamberlains represents magical moments for you and a lot of fun for your guests do not stop!